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The assessment for New Zealand immigration eligibility will find out if you and your family meet the criteria for NZ residency. Our licensed immigration adviser will assess your personal circumstances, complete an immigration eligibility, and provide you with the appropriate advice that sets out the best path to receiving your NZ visa. 



The Government has decided to defer the introduction of the new Accredited Employer Work Visa until mid-2022.

The new Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) application process will be employer led. Before hiring a migrant on the AEWV, employers will need to apply for accreditation under the new system.

Employers will be able to apply for accreditation before the AEWV is introduced and employers accredited under the current system will need to apply and meet the policy requirements of the new accreditation system.


Essential Skills work visa policies changed in late July 2020, the salary or wage you earn will determine whether you can be approved a one-year or a three-year work visa under the Essential Skills category. From 2021, this category is being replaced. Our licensed immigration advisers are up-to-date with the Government’s changes to work visas. We will guide you towards the work visa category which suits you best, and provide you and your employer the best advice before you apply for a visa.


You can apply for a work visa or visitor visa based on your partnership if you are:

  • The partner of an eligible New Zealand citizen/resident.

  • The partner of an eligible work visa holder in New Zealand.

  • The partner of an eligible student visa holder in New Zealand.

You must have been living in a relationship with your partner, there is NO requirement to be married. Once you have lived 12 months or more in a relationship with your NZ partner, you might apply for residence under the Partnership Category



We can help you get your qualifications assessed by the New Zealand Qualification Authority. This is an important process so expert advice can go a long way. We can assist you with this process while you deal with other important things in life. 


In New Zealand, Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) visas are the most sought-after path to residence. We will assess your eligibility by calculating your points, plan and compile your Expression of Interest, and lodge your application for you and your family. With the help of our Licensed Immigration Adviser, you can assess your chances of becoming New Zealand residents. Our low-risk approach lets you know of any potential barriers to you being approved residence – we can develop a strategy for you.

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If you want to study full-time in New Zealand for more than 3 months. You’ll need to pay the full cost of your course and enrol with an approved education provider. You must have an offer of a place and you will need to show evidence that you have enough money to pay for your fees and to live on while you are in NZ. You might be allowed to work part-time up to 20 hours a week while studying na full-time in the holidays, depending on your visa conditions.

N E W V I S A  CO.


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In the initial online consultation, our adviser assesses your personal circumstances based on information that you share and provides you with an advice that sets out the best path for you to get your NZ visa.

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