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Key information on COVID-19 visa extensions

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

*Updates until 4 September 2020

If you hold a work, student, visitor, limited or interim visa with an expire date between 2 April to 9 July 2020 and you were in New Zealand on April 2, it has been initially extended to 25 September 2020. Your visa conditions are the same.

Visitor visas

Most visitor visas due to expire between 4 September and the end of October 2020 have been extended by 5 months from the expiry date of their current visa.

Employer-assisted temporary work visas All existing employer-assisted temporary work visas for people who are in New Zealand and whose visas are due to expire from 10 July to 31 December 2020, are extended by six months.

Partners and dependents of these employer-assisted work visa holders will now also have their visas extended, provided their visas would have expired between 17 August and 31 December 2020. You (or your advisor if they are listed as your contact) will receive confirmation by email by Tuesday 25 August.

If your visa (not employer-assisted) expires after 9 July and you are in New Zealand.

If you hold an open work, student, visitor, limited or interim visa with an expiry date after 9 July, your visa was not extended by the Epidemic Management Notice or the change announced on 7 July 2020. Your current visa expiry remains the same. You need to:

· leave the country before your visa expires, or

· make an application for a new visa

If you are in New Zealand and your visa has expired

If you do not have a current visa or are unable to apply for a visa before your current one expires, you will be unlawful in New Zealand. This includes people whose visa expired before 1 April 2020. You cannot apply for another visa in New Zealand while you are unlawful. You can either:

· leave the country immediately if possible, or

· make a request for a special temporary or resident visa under Section 61 of the Immigration Act.

*For the latest information about visas and temporary border measures for all travellers, student visa holders, migrants workers and employers, visit Immigration New Zealand Website.

*Please note that New Zealand immigration policies and their application and interpretation are subject to change without notice and users should not rely on any information on this page as specific rules might apply to specific cases. Users must contact Newvisa Co. directly to receive specific immigration advice.

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